Types of accommodation in a horseback safari

Matias Carrillat

01 July 2020

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The journey we embark on will highly depend on the type of accommodation we choose to spend the night. From rudimentary refuges to luxury inns, each traveller has an alternative that secretly waits for her or him and that will become part of the horseback experience in Africa.

How to choose the best accommodation type for a Horseback Safari?

Africa is a wild kingdom that await us with incredible animals, landscapes, and adventures. It is very difficult to choose one expedition, or at least, which to start with, when there are so many roads to go through, so many creatures to discover, and so many experiences to live. In this opportunity, we will focus on a detail we should not overlook when arranging a trip: accommodation. That place where we can go back to rest and fuel those dreams that will make us get up the next morning, eager to seek adventure.


As this is a safari, it is vital that we fully engage in the adventure, but also that we understand that being comfortable is a key factor that will allow us to keep fresh to continue the journey. That is why, when planning our tours, we consider the best accommodations that will adapt to the journey. In Africa Horse Tours we provide different options to cater all tastes, from the most luxurious option to the wildest one. It will depend on the destiny chosen, but mostly, on the experience we want to embark on.


In any event, to a greater or lesser extent, we make sure that you get an intimate, personalized and informal housing that allows you to connect with the enchantments of the old world and the friendly hospitality of its inhabitants. Our accommodations, all original, genuine, and rustic, are located in panoramic sites that coincide with mountain slopes, rivers, beaches, savannahs, dense shade trees or even the confines of the desert. Following, we will describe three accommodation alternatives to stay while still being in contact with nature and being able to witness the works of art that this land provides at all times.

Lodge: “into the wild” hotels on horseback safaris

Lodge hotels are modern and quiet places located far from the city, where we can ensure free-flowing circulation, especially to expedite our safari trip the next day. Depending on the chosen destiny, the lodge may be a hotel facing the beach or located in the middle of a national park or nature reserve.


Even though they can be classified as hotels for the superior quality of their services, they are establishments out of the ordinary. They are located in idyllic environments, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, allowing us to see the most impressive paradises from their terrace, dining room, living rooms, and even from the bedroom window. Most of them include a pool, library, bar, dining room, and, sometimes, game rooms. They usually have a buffet run by great chefs and offer a varied menu.


They usually consist of cabin or bungalow-style rooms, suited to fit the place in which they are located. It is the most exclusive alternative you will find since the service include a private room with a private bathroom. Additionally, being limited in capacity, you will definitely enjoy an intimate stay and personalized service. They are built primarily from local woods and materials, and their exotic designs are inspired by each region’s unique style, from architecture to bedding. An ideal alternative to immerse yourself in this cultural and wild adventure without having to renounce to luxury.


Within our itineraries, we offer this type of accommodation in the experiences taking place at the south of Africa, particularly in the journeys by the coast of Mozambique and South Africa. But it is also possible to go on the most wild and challenging experiences while enjoying the best amenities in Kenya and Tanzania.

Tented Camps: wild camps with all the luxuries on horseback safaris

The Tented Camps, also known as fixed camps, are accommodations provided by huge tents which infrastructure, although being smaller than a lodge, has nothing to envy in terms of comfort. We can find camps with different levels of luxury, but all result are adequate and comfortable in a safari adventure. Tented Camps are located at the centre of nature reserves and national parks, and they are not always fenced. That is why they offer an ideal alternative for those who prefer to stay in the most intrinsic sites within nature.


The rooms are canvas tents with different finishes and construction. They have an approximate width of 20 square meters, comparable to a standard double hotel room. Each tent has a couple of beds with a medium-thickness mattress, along with a bedside table illuminated by a classic lamp, and rustic furniture storing bedding, among other items, with enough space for each traveller to store their belongings. On both sides of each tent you will have screened windows, which allow air to enter at night and the first glimpses of sun to shine over you in the mornings. Or, if you prefer to remain completely in the dark, you have the possibility of closing them.


Even if there is no electricity in the middle of nature, all establishments are equipped with water, electricity, and a staff area where the most delicious dishes will be cooked to recharge the energy spent on each expedition. The tents also include a full bathroom, with a European-style portable toilet and a shower with hot water. The bathroom is usually inside each tent, separated by a zipper, which is convenient, especially at night, when going around the camp half-asleep may force us to come across an animal wandering around.


But what makes this option more special is its bonfires. In the evenings, as the sky fades, the fire rises amid the tents while a freshly cooked homemade dinner invites us to relax under the stars. These nightly bonfires represent a unique moment to reflect on what we have lived and share a warm evening with our partners in these epic adventures.


In these types of accommodations, the old concept of colonial safaris is recreated (Hemingway style), and it is the most popular option among adventurers in safari trips around Africa. It should be pointed out that this type of accommodation meets the highest ecological requirements, reducing environmental impact to the minimum. This is why this option represents a perfect combination of the charm of camping in the African style without losing the notion of comfort that we look for when we undertake a trip.


Our safari catalogue offers this option in different locations of Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, South Africa and Botswana, especially, in those safari tours that require lots of travels from and to different sites.

Guest houses on horseback safaris

Guest houses are establishments where we can enjoy privacy in a room within the house of the local people. Normally, common spaces such as the kitchen, the living room, the TV area, and the laundry area are shared. Bedrooms are equipped with wardrobes and may be shared rooms.

This type of accommodation receives its name due to the fact that they do not comply with the requirements to be a hostel. However, every guest house has bedrooms of 7 m² (single) or 11 m² (double), and a bathroom every 3 rooms to offer. As every local residence located within the city, houses have humble and colourful designs, proper of the African style. This is an ideal option to get in contact with local inhabitants and to share their lifestyle.


We offer this type of accommodation in different safaris around Egypt, in combination with nights in Lodges, depending on where we stop to rest.

As you can see, there is a wide array of options when travelling around the wild continent. We should take into account that, in every option, we find different levels of luxury depending on the area or the services provided by the establishment. Still, if you are not sure of which is the right option for you, we offer safari experiences that combine the three types of accommodation. In any case, having electricity in areas which usually lack of it, being able to take a hot shower and sleep relaxed accompanied by the night-time music of nature, and always having a freshly prepared meal at our service will teach us that, in Africa, luxury is found in the simplest things.

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