The best Horseback safari tours in the world.

Matias Carrillat

01 July 2020

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Wild animals, fauna, adventure, challenges, ancient culture. Serengeti, The Mara, The Kilimanjaro, and Ancient Botswana, to mention a few, are options that make Africa the ideal continent for a horseback adventure.

Which are the best Horseback safari tours in the world?

There are exotic destinies that will let us discover parts of ourselves that we did not know that existed, journeys that are not only outwards, but inwards. Africa is one of those places that you cannot forget since it offers a complete experience that combines the wildlife and culture, adventure and pleasure, today and yesterday. And, if we add to this experience the challenge of undertaking the adventure on a horse, we are ready to embark on the journey of our lives.


In Africa Horse Tours we offer the most exotic experiences of horseback safaris through African regions unlike any other you have seen. With all-in prices, tour guides every step of the way, and personalized assistance and service, we organize exclusive adventures tailored to travellers eager to find new adventures. Following we will provide a brief introduction of the best horseback safari tours that, in our opinion, everybody should experience.

The best horseback safari tour in Serengeti.

Africa is certainly famous for its incredible and diverse fauna, common to all regions and wild territories. Nevertheless, there are places that concentrate such a number of animals that provide a unique spectacle. Serengeti is one of those places. This park, located in Tanzania, is known worldwide for the migration of mammals, especially, wildebeest. Yet, getting to watch this event implies a challenge. We have to go deep into the plains, thoroughly trusting our horses. As if this was not enough, we will be able to be near felines in the camping zones, and perhaps, some nomads that may be passing by at that time. A perfect option for those who look for challenges and adrenaline.


This journey takes 9 days and 8 nights. The horses that will lead the way in this adventure are thoroughbred and local breeds. The average cavalcade time is between 4 and 6 hours per day.

The best horseback safari tour in Botswana – the Ancient Botswana

An adventure with a high level of difficulty. This experience is meant to be endured by advanced riders due to the irregularity of the territory to go through, and the chances of coming across wild animals. However, if we are ready, both physically and mentally, this experience will mean a unique and unforgettable challenge. We will cavalcade across the most ancient lands in Botswana. On the first part of the trip, we will go across areas like Tuli, in which the fauna offers us an incredible phenomenon; we will go deep into the heart of Mashatu, where we will discover the millenary baobab trees and will have the chance to know them; we will visit ancient valleys, where we will meet the oldest tribes. Then, we will take a small plane to Okavango to look for new animal species (especially, the flying kind, since this area provides a unique spectacle of exotic birds), and to penetrate into the unfathomable delta. The horses we will ride will be thoroughbred, Boerpherds, and cross breeds. We will be able to go on horseback rides between 4 and 7 hours per day.

The best horseback safari tour in Namibia – The Namib desert.

The exclusivity of this experience is based on the fusion of history, culture, and nature. In an extensive desert of about 81 thousand square kilometres, delimited by the Orange River, all adventures are worth it. Namibia has the highest and oldest dunes in the world, regions that guard secrets of humanity which, although we will only get to know in part, make us perceive certain mysticism towards the lands we are passing through. Riding our horses around this territory demands intense hours of adventure under the sun, on arid lands, and, above all, with its captivating solitude. Besides, the nights in this vast desert, between bonfires and utter silence, will make us travel back to our origins. Yet, with every effort there is a reward. The journey will give us ecumenical landscapes that will fill us with emotions and will make us realize how small and young we are in comparison with the everlasting nature.


Prices start at USD 6150.- and can be done during the April, June, August and September seasons. The horses chosen for this adventure are thoroughbred, cross between Arabian mares and Quarter horses, and Boerpherds. We will ride our horses between 4 and 7 hours per day.

The best Horseback safari tours Under the spell of the Kilimanjaro.

Besides the classic Serengeti, Tanzania gives us the joy of looking for elephants under the watch of the large and legendary Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. We will search for areas of dense thickets and acacia forests. We want to see the elephant, maybe because we know that watching this majestic and large animal amounts to effectively connecting with Africa. Once we move on, we will see that the vegetation changes drastically, from an open field to a dense vegetation area. We will be able to see elephants, buffalo, leopards, and exotic species. We no longer have the safety of seeing what is ahead, we only see what is immediate, near, and imminent. This is the African spirit: a reality that await us crouched.


The adventure lasts 8 days and entails an actual journey throughout Tanzania: we will get to know the Arusha National Park, go through Masai’s crops and steppes, where we will come across native villages, and we will head to the Seven Hills. Once we cross it, we will go through the Sinya Village, heading towards the Kilimanjaro. The land varies: there are open fields and wooded areas. We will have great chances of watching zebras, giraffes and wildebeests, in addition to the most important thing: the shy antelope, the Gerenuk, that we watch as we go -although it would be more accurate to say that it watches us.


Horseback rides are done during the high season, from June to January. In relation to other safari tours, it has an intermediate price: they start at USD 6042.-. The horses starring this adventure will be thoroughbred and local breeds.

The best horseback safari tour in The Mara.

Among the more renown places in Africa, we will find Kenya and its Maasai Mara, a nature reserve in the Narok county. Many people talk about it but only a few actually know it. That is why hearing about it is not the same as living it. Due to is unrivalled fauna and its large extension that urge to be crossed, this region gives us the perfect combination between challenge and pleasure. Intense hours of horseback rides over plains, in rivers, and over hills balanced out with the diversity and exclusiveness of the animals we will see: giraffes, hippos, buffalo and elephants, and even the chance to witness wildebeest migrations. Besides, this option gives us the opportunity to go around, maybe to close, to the animals we find on our way.


Prices vary depending on the season, the middle season (December to September) from USD 7665.-, or high season (October) from USD 8725.-. The adventure lasts 8 days and 7 nights. Horses accompanying us are thoroughbred and cross-bred thoroughbred. Horseback rides will last between 4 to 7 hours per day.

The best horseback safari tour that combines South Africa and Botswana – African Explorer

An adventure that will take us to the wildest areas and will make us cross borders. As we know, choosing one place is not enough. Fortunately, this experience gives us the chance to embark on two safari tours for the price of one. It entails lands in South Africa and Botswana, in which we will visit natural reserves (Matlapeng in South Africa, and Limpopo in Botswana) and local villages. We will go deeper in rivers, plains, and hills; paths that will allow us to see more than ever imagined if we dare consider them as the established paths. And, of course, in every stop we will delve into villages that will connect us to the customs of inhabitants. A perfect combination between nature and culture: that is the true African spirit.


This is one of the most economical safari tours, yet equal appealing. Prices vary depending on the season: from USD 2550.- in low season (December to February), USD 2725.- in middle season (March, April, and June), to USD 3000.-in high season (from July to December and May). The adventure lasts 8 days and 7 nights. The horses to be ridden are thoroughbred, Boerpherds and cross breeds. We will ride our horses between 4 and 7 hours per day.

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