The best horseback riding experiences in Africa are not only found in Safaris

Matias Carrillat

07 November 2020

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The contact with the Egyptian culture, the hostility of the desert, the freshness of its coasts and the floods of the delta are some of the experiences every good rider must go through at least once in their lifetime.

Experiences in Africa that are not found in Safaris

We all know this: Africa is a large continent. However, not everybody knows that even though it is the land of safaris par excellence, not everything begins and ends in its fauna. This great continent possesses endless natural, cultural, and historical places. There are destinations that reflect the purest nature of the planet, with landscapes that come to life and panoramic views that take our breath away. And there are others that conserve the prints of the past of humanity so alive that it is difficult to stop those existential questions from arising. 


In Africa Horse Tours we offer horseback rides that dare to inquire beyond typical African postcards. Exploring these destinations on the back of our horse allows us to ride freely and alone, away from the tourist crowds and noisy vehicles that interfere with our attempts to connect with the landscapes that surround us. 


Our itineraries include diverse alternatives that are as worthy as the classic safaris. We can gallop along the beaches that invite us to go on a journey that combines adventure and relax perfectly; to get lost in endless rides along the immensity of the most ancient and most secular deserts; and even to walk along the peaceful and exuberant paths amid the green jungle that houses the Nile. Here we provide an overview of the most exotic paths that await us. 

Horseback riding experiences in Africa: a journey to remote times.

If you are looking to connect with ancient cultures – and ultimately with your humanity through time- Egypt is one of the best options. Famous for its historic pyramids, which are rightly among the seven wonders of the world, its wonder does not end there. The fascinating features of this country also lie in the lives of those who inhabit this place. Its history and culture remain latent within the local families, its alleys, its small sites that have Egypt imprinted. In the same way, peace and mysticism will culminate when, on the banks of the Nile, we ride through its intimate deserts. In this sense, we propose two of our favorite tours within this enigmatic country.


On the one side, we make our way through the Sahara, at the north of the continent, to explore the vast and isolated territories where one of the seven wonders of the world stand: the Pyramids of Giza. The best part of these territories is that they have not been highly exploited and, being there so many virgin lands, we can always find something new. We will be able to freely and nimbly gallop across this immeasurable sand surface that seems to boil under the colossal sun, facing misty horizons that dazzle while the blue and limpid panorama shines over our heads: an adventure that invites us to get lost in order to find ourselves. The incredible experience of Phantoms of the Desert.


This experience offers eleven days and ten nights submerged in the depths of the desert, in which we will ride for four to six hours a day. The ideal season to do it is between the months of October and May.


On the other hand, we find a second appealing experience in the lands of Luxor, an ancient city on the banks of the Nile River (see the Luxor experience). Not everything is thirst and loneliness there, actually, we will gallop towards what it is known as “Upper Egypt”: a vast territory of cliffs that marks the end of the desert to give rise to fertile grounds where human life develops. Additionally, we will visit the renowned Valley of the Kings, a site that has witnessed the greatest and most ancient pharaohs. This will be a journey full of culture and history that combines the immersion in the current traditions of Egypt with expeditions to the most unexplored places where our ancestors lie. 


This itinerary lasts eight days and seven nights, in which we will ride between four to six hours a day. The best season to undertake this mystical journey is from October to May.

Horseback riding experiences in Africa: Wild Coast

There where the land ends, the crystal clear waters of the ocean stretch towards an endless horizon. It is not one but two oceans converging in the shores: the Atalntic and the Indian Ocean. In Beach, Rocks and Rivers at the border of Africa an exotic experience full of pleasure and fun awaits us. Located at the  Easern Cape province, this place stands out for its incredible rivers, valleys, and rocks, but mostly for its beaches. In this itinerary, we will stay at hotels facing the beach (see Choosing by accomodation type) and we will experience unique awakenings as we watch a deep horizon,  since we are at the edge of the continent. We will cross endless types of landscapes while riding our horses, including cascades in which we can take a bath, and we will have the chance to connect with their kind inhabitants.


We will enjoy eight days and seven glorious nights in this paradise, where we will go horseback riding for two to six hours a day. Being the African coast, there is no season that is not ideal to get lost along these natural lands.

Horseback riding experiences in Africa: Jungle and the Nile.

Every jungle is an unpredictable place. Its lively colours and dense vegetation make this an attractive yet dangerous place. Going deep into these lands on our horses, between trees, bushes, and branches poses a challenge as we face the uncertainty of what lies a few meters away. With narrow, irregular paths and an unmatchable green, the jungle proposes an adventure that will make us feel in a Steven Spielberg movie. But, above all, the most attractive and exclusive thing about this trip is the white and vibrant waters of the Nile that will guide us every step of the way in the expedition  Uganda, jungle and The Nile. There, we will have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to border and even cross the most legendary river of the world on a horse. And then, at dusk, as we are rocked by its warm waters, we will witness an indescribable sunset.


Our tour will last eight days and seven nights, of which we will spend between four to seven hours a day riding. The season is indifferent in this experience: it is always a good time to visit this exotic destination.

Horseback riding experiences in Africa: Mozambique, a challenge across the dunes, coast and desert.

Mozambique offers a challenge both intense and wonderful. This country possesses the longest stretch of coastal territory bathed by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Our cavalcades are designed to make us discover from pristine and gleaming islands corresponding to the Bazaruto archipelago to the melting pot of ancient cultures that have survived in the purity and wilderness of its coasts. 


We will ride along the coasts of the Indian Ocean, also in the Indian Ocean. We will ride over the dunes, the warm sand, towards the Footprint of God to, then, contemplate a panoramic view. We will ride in the desert, among vegetation, and into distant cities. All in all, we will ride our horses. Therefore, Mozambique cannot be left out of our list of adventures to experience before dying. 


We will have the possibility of spending eight days and seven nights in this coastal idyll, riding three to four hours a day. There is no one season better than another to visit this Eden. Due to its spectacular climate and atmosphere, all times are appropriate to enjoy these spectacular horse riding vacations.

After these descriptions, there is no doubt Africa holds some of the most moving and interesting activities to be enjoyed on a horse, worthy of every good rider that wants to live the most intense and funniest experiences.

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