Insurance Policy

Responsibility of Ride Participants


Please provide information on your travel insurance. We require that you take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy, including health cover, before you start your trip. Please ensure that your insurance covers unexpected losses or expenses e.g. lost luggage, stolen cash and credit cards or cancelled/missed flights.

You should check any exclusions and that your policy covers you for horse riding and all the activities you want to undertake – you may not be allowed to ride without adequate travel insurance so please do send us your insurance information before you depart.

Ride participants have a certain responsibility to Africa Horse Tours and to the other members of the ride. Participants are responsible for understanding the requirements of the ride, and for selecting a ride — with the assistance of an Equitours ride consultant — appropriate to their interest and ability. Participants with medical problems or special dietary needs are responsible for informing Africa Horse Tours of these issues well in advance. For the protection of all participants, the ride leader reserves the right to prevent anyone from riding who displays insufficient ability, or whose behavior endangers the safety of other riders, themselves, or the horses. No refund will be made to a participant who is rejected for any such reason, or who is unwilling or unable to complete a tour.

Participants are responsible for arranging travel to and from the ride’s meeting point, for carrying valid travel documents, and for obtaining immunizations appropriate to the destination. Participants are responsible for understanding what is and is not included in the price as outlined in the detailed ride itineraries.

Please note that some insurance policies specify that you must be wearing appropriate clothing and a riding helmet in order to be covered for horse riding activities. We strongly recommend that you wear a riding hat during the rides (and when handling the horses) but if you intend not to, please make sure that you are still insured and can claim for medical expenses in the event of an accident.

Anyone who does not want pictures of themselves to be used in promotional materials should notify Africa Horse Tours accordingly.

Participants should provide a contact number and name in case of emergency.


Limitations of Liability


Africa Horse Tours is not responsible for airline accidents or delays, loss of luggage, or medical and customs regulations. If a ride is canceled at any time for a reason beyond Africa Horse Tours control, we will refund only the amount the participant has paid to Africa Horse Tours. Africa Horse Tours supports our outfitters’ judgment to alter a ride itinerary due to unforeseeable circumstances.

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