Uganda, jungle and Nile




USD 4,000

A week full of cavalcades on the most important river of the world.

The most legendary river in the world and its vegetation are reasons enough to embark in this journey that flows, runs and slides just like the water through the rocks. How is it possible that we, of all people, are able to watch the Nile, feel its water, go around it, explore its shore under the watch of wild monkeys? There is no need to worry: existential questions are part of this journey.




8 Days / 7 Nights


January - December


Thoroughbreds and several Thoroughbred crosses

The Riding

4 – 7 hours per day

Package specifications

Travel cancellation insurance

Breakfast and dinner included

Health care included

Services NOT included

Lunch not included in the package

Baggage protection insurance

Day by day

Day 1. Welcome to the most important river in the world.

We arrive to the Entebbe Airport and then get transported to the Holland Park. The hotel has an excellent view to the Nile, which allows us to understand how legendary this adventure will be: the Nile, one of the most famous rivers in the world, surrounded by a jungle and the density of the trees. The dangers that encircle the river, the creatures that hide beneath the trees, on the shores, under its water, all waiting to be explored.

Day 2. Upstream.

Once we upload our luggage on the pickup, we start our ride upriver. This journey implies villages, jungles, farms and visiting the Speke monument, at the beginning of the Nile. In the afternoon, we have the option to swim before taking the cruise at sunset through the Bujugali lake. In the evening, we will stay, once again in the Holland Park.

Day 3. Cavalcade in the Victoria Lake.

We take off early in the morning and we meet with our horses in the Victoria Lake, before embarking in this spectacular ride along the peninsula. This lake is the biggest in Africa, where birdlife changes dramatically, and the land further opens itself. We ride along the lake, going around the bay and the hills. We then have lunch in a marvellous viewpoint. After we spend the day riding, we stay at the Rainforest refuge.

Day 4. The Mabira Forest.

We would spend 4 hours exploring Mabira forest and surrounds with a morning tea stop on the way in the thick jungle. We will be looking for rare forest primates, a subspecies of Grey Cheeked Mangabeys that are only found in Mabira forest. There is also lots of spectacular birdlife. Late lunch back at the Rain Forest Lodge. You have the afternoon to yourself to relax, get a massage or swim or wander the forest.

Day 5. Among trees, monkeys and journeys in the jungle.

Today, we visit the tropical jungle. Vegetation, trees, uneven land, narrow vision. The monkeys talk from the trees over our heads, some local villagers watch mesmerized: they have never seen a horse before. After a rural lunch in the jungle, we return to the river, passing by the sugar and tea plantations. We spend the night at The Haven, with a panoramic and unforgettable view to the Nile. We rest in our luxurious rooms while our horses rest: everything is ready for our next adventure.

Day 6. Rafting through cascades to feel alive.

We get into the depth of the white vibrant waters with our rafts, into that part of the river where the rocks and the drifts cause an ideal turbulence to make us feel alive. In spite of the cascade being steeped, if we fall in water, it is highly probable that we just get soaked in warm water. After a day of rafting, in the afternoon, we return to the hotel and get relaxed.

Day 7. Swim with the Horses.

In the morning, we get relaxed in the refuge. We have breakfast while we contemplate the landscape, we share experiences. In the afternoon, we swim with the horses in the river and move forward. We meet with local villagers and, when we finally reach our destiny, we unsaddle. Our adventure, river-lake-jungle has ended, and the only thing left is to say goodbye to the Nile, to the hotel and to our horses, a part of us will stay here forever, no doubt, at the shore of the river.

Day 8. Farewell.

Departure day, we will relax at the lodge with a swim or a massage in the morning before departing to Entebbe at about 2pm. We will arrived at Entebbe at about 5:30pm.



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