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The best way to closely get to know elephants, hippopotamus, giraffes and zebras, maybe too close

The combination of pleasure and challenge is perfect: intense hours of cavalcade along the plains, hills and rivers. A privileged sight of the most exotic animals while riding a horse, including giraffes, elephants, hippopotamus, and, above all, the possibility to watch the migrations of wildebeest. We rely on pure power and traction to cross the river. Located near Nairobi, in Kenya, The Mara is a mandatory experience for those who love challenges.




8 Days / 7 Nights


December - October


Thoroughbred and Thoroughbred Cross

The Riding

4 – 7 hours per day

Package specifications

Travel cancellation insurance

Breakfast and dinner included

Health care included

Services NOT included

Lunch not included in the package

Baggage protection insurance

Day by day

Day 1. The challenge begins.

The experience begins on the plane: you will feel the joy of overflying the lands of the Kikuyu tribe and appreciate the natural reserve of the Rift Great Valley. Our guide will pick you up when you land and we will have a one-hour ride until we reach the camp, located under the shade of a beautiful grove near the river. We will serve lunch and have some time to rest. Afterwards, we will meet the horses that will accompany us in this adventure.We will make our first cavalcade in the afternoon.

Day 2. Riding at dawn.

Very early in the morning, we go on our first cavalcade while watching the first lights of sunrise beaming everywhere. We then return to the camp and have breakfast: we will need the energy and capacity to mesmerize, to give ourselves in to this safari -the famous Game Drive. We will then climb the hill called Oloiburmut. We return to the camp to have lunch. We will have time to take a little nap. Around 4 pm, we will be conducted to the hill to visit the Maasai Village.

Day 3. This keeps getting better.

This is the longest day of our journey: 50 km. Around noon, we get to our vehicles to have lunch and continue with our journey. As we get closer to the Mara ecosystem, the horse ride gets better and better: we will pass really close to zebras, giraffes, gazelles, and will have a great chance to see elephants and buffaloes. Once we reach the camp, during sunset, if we really pay attention, we can get to listen lions and hyenas around us. We are among nature.

Day 4. Only for those who can endure.

A full day of cavalcade starting from the camp. This part of the journey is only for enduring bodies or those addicted to challenges. We will have better chances from the truck than from our horses to get close to lions, elephants and buffaloes and take great photographs

Day 5. Crossing the river.

This is the second day of intense cavalcade. We will cross the Mara plains and reach the Mara river, on the limits of the park. We will try to cross the river through one the most famous wildebeests’ crossing-unless it is flooded, which can occur since nature has its own rules; to subdue to these rules, to defy them is part of our adventure. Afterwards, as if this has not been adventurous enough, we will climb the Soit Ololol escarpment, where our camp is. From up there, we will be able to contemplate Mara’s whole ecosystem.

Day 6. Watering our feet and tracking with force.

We go down the escarpment and cross the river once again with our horses, to get our feet wet, to track with force. We go towards Northeast up to our camp on the bank of the Mara River. At night, we will be able to hear the grunt of hippopotamus around the camp.

Day 7. Crossing close to hippopotamus.

We camp near the river. We have breakfast, we may choose between a horse ride or safari. There will be a chance to cross nearby hippopotamus and take good pictures of them.

Day 8. Farewell.

Final cavalcade, early morning. We say goodbye to our horses, loyal partners in this adventure. We head to the airport to coordinate a flight to Nairobi, where we will have time to go shopping, acquire souvenirs and say goodbye to this experience full of adventures, challenges and resistance, but also full of team spirit and discipline.



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