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The land known worldwide for the migration of mammals

The Serengeti park is known worldwide for the migrations of wildebeest and other mammals. But beware! this experience is not suited for everybody: we have to go deep into the Tanzanian plains, trust our endurance and our horses. We will camp in these plains close to dangerous felines, and chances are that we will come across nomadic people. All these elements will help engrave this experience in your mind for the rest of your life.




9 Days / 8 Nights


January - March


Thoroughbred and Local Breeds

The Riding

4 – 6 hours per day

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Travel cancellation insurance

Breakfast and dinner included

Health care included

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Day by day

Day 1. Arrival to the Kilimanjaro International Airport.

We meet there and head to the refuge where you will meet the rest of the group. You will have time to become acquainted during dinner time, to exchange experiences and talk about what you are hoping to encounter during the journey before us.

Day 2. We meet our partners in adventure.

At dawn, we rise and take a charter flight, which will take us to Ndutu. We get in touch with the place by traveling through the Serengeti National Park, which entails crossing rivers, recognizing Serengeti plains, which contains the famous granite rocks, or kopies as natives called them. This is a place where wildebeest tend to migrate to, depending on the time of the year. We arrive to the first camp, located under beautiful acacia trees. After getting comfortable in our tents and having lunch, we meet the partners who will join us in this adventure, key in this story: the horses. Our first ride will be during sunset. During the evening, we meet again in the tents to have dinner and something to drink. In other words, we prepare ourselves for the adventure to come.

Day 3. Great chances of seeing herds of wildebeest.

We wake up amid coffee or tea aromas and have breakfast in the principal tent. Depending on weather conditions and the status of the fauna -the famous "game"- options may vary: horse riding during the morning till lunch, and another horse ride in the opposite direction afterwards, or safari in our pickup until sunset, this is your choice to make. In any case, it is highly probable that we see wildebeests, giraffes among bushes or zebras or hyenas and jackals in their natural environment.

Day 4. The most intense day.

We get up very early in the morning, pack our things, and head to the next camp. This is the most intense day in more than one sense: not only do we ride our horse for approximately 4 hours, but we also go through places in which horse riding is not common. Most likely, we will go across Maasai settings, a nomad nation that has been living in huts for centuries. We reach the new camp for tea time. At this time, the air is filled with the fascinating grunts of wildebeest. We will be received with cold beers on our arrival, followed by a great dinner and time to shower, getting ready for more adventures on the following day.

Days 5-8. Looking for the greatest felines.

We will have 4 days to explore the plains splattered by granite and acacia trees, typical in this area. The territory to be covered will depend on the weather and fauna surrounding us, however, we will ride our horses, at least, until the next camp to discover the new area. Our aim, if the climate is gentle, is to spend at least one night under the open sky, under the stars, covered only by mosquito nets. On one of these days, we get on the pickups and embark ourselves in the search of felines, such as cheetahs, leopards, lions, elephants and flamingos resting in nearby lakes.

Day 9. Farewell.

Before returning through the Serengeti National Park to Ndutu, we have breakfast and give farewells to our loyal partners in this journey, the horses. In Ndutu, a charter flight will be waiting for us to take as to the Arusha Airport, where we will take our flight to get to the Kilimanjaro Airport.



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