In Namibia along the sea



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USD 6,150

The most ancient desert in the world, with no paths or ways.

The cavalcade sweeps into the most ancient desert on earth, we ride over the highest dunes and going along the sea in some moments. This is an unforgettable experience for any horse rider. Galloping for 27 kilometres, with no paths or ways, amid the immensity of Namibia.




9 Days / 10 Nights


April - May


Warmblood x Arab mare and Quarter horse Stallion cross. And Boerperde (local African breed).

The Riding

4 – 7 hours per day

Package specifications

Travel cancellation insurance

Breakfast and dinner included

Health care included

Services NOT included

Lunch not included in the package

Baggage protection insurance

Day by day

Day 1. The eve.

We arrive to the Hosea Kutako Airport, in Windhoek. The journey encompasses a space in the middle, between the Namibia desert and the gorges; preparing for the cavalcade in desertic lands and rocky zones is part of the adventure. We are given a talk about safety and spend the night in Windhoek.

Day 2. Horses and riders become one.

We go into the desert and have lunch in the middle of the way. We get acquainted with the sand, the sun, that apathetically batters from above us. The horse and the rider become one so as to endure the inclemency of the land and the weather. No wonder why everybody yearns for the cavalcades in Namibia and surroundings and, at the same time, the one thing everyone is most afraid of. We have roasted food on charcoal, over the atavistic fire of the desert, both at day and night.

Days 3 to 8. The desert in all its greatness.

We go deep into the Namibia desert. Extenuating circumstances, no concessions, no half ways. With no roads or paths, only animal tracks. 27 kilometres wandering around the Namibia dunes, the highest dunes in the world, in the most ancient desert in the world, and passing along the sea. This is only for those who are willing to leave what is best in them. We cover our faces almost entirely to protect ourselves, and we keep going.

Days 9 to 10. Among mountains.

We end our journey among the mountains that are near Aus, where we visit wild horses and enter in the picturesque town of Luderitz.

Day 11. Farewell.

We say goodbye to the desert, the sea, the adventure. We reach this point and get surprised to know that the mystery, instead of mitigating, grew even greater. This experience will keep on being alive within ourselves forever, like the flames of the fire which accompany us in the dark nights of Namibia. The plane takes of from Windhoek.



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