Discovering South Africa




USD 3,600

Horseback riding through valleys and stony grounds, watching animals and landscapes that seem to be taken from movies, all these combined with comfort.

The 8 nights are divided in lodgings with amenities and in comfortable tents out in the open that make us connect with the intensity of the African continent.


South Africa


8 Days / 7 Nights


All Year


Boerperd crosses and Thoroughbred crosses

The Riding

5 – 7 hours per day

Package specifications

Travel cancellation insurance

Breakfast and dinner included

Health care included

Services NOT included

Lunch not included in the package

Baggage protection insurance

Day by Day

Day 1. It's not easy to be on a par with this paradise.

After arriving at the reserve, it's time to have a late lunch and start realizing that we are in South Africa, one of the most mysterious lands of the world. It's a difficult challenge: it is not easy to be on a par with this paradise, but we try. At 3:30 pm (according to the season), we embark on the first 4x4 ride, where we will have the first look at the landscape and the game, i.e., the movement of the fauna. Dinner is served at the lodge at 7 pm, and we will spend the night in rustic cabins, a perfect mix of outdoors and comfort.

Day 2. From the low escarpment to the high one.

Breakfast is served at 7 am. Then at 9, we will be riding our horses, our true companions that will lead the way through the low escarpment as they guard us and accompany us through this challenge. After riding for an hour and a half, we reach Waterberry, where we stop to have lunch under the open sky. The journey then continues. We go up slopes of about 600 meters high, with inclinations of up to 40 °, one of the steepest areas in South Africa (partially tackled on foot due to the incline. There is a vehicle should anybody not feel fit to continue up on foot). At the top, a natural rock pool with a fantastic view is waiting for us. Afterwards, we reach the Boukenhout camp -at about 3 pm-, just in time for tea. This will be our home for the next four nights, where we will sleep in tents that, due to the sounds and the density of the air, allow us to feel that Africa never sleeps.

Day 3. Saddle up! Cascades and valleys await us.

We start early: in this journey, we confirm that the hours of the day represent opportunities, to ride, to watch the landscapes that surround us, to spot animals, to give in to the rustic comfort, to learn that this is a unique experience. That is why every hour counts. After having breakfast, we will ride around the valley of plain rocks until we reach a cascade, where we stop to freshen up. We will return to the camp where a delicious brunch is waiting for us. Between noon and 4 pm, we will have time to sunbathe or relax in the hammocks. We will ride our horses through the Cycad valley and Ubumanzi as we go back. We will then have dinner around a bonfire with the sunset as the perfect background of the scene.

Day 4. A panoramic view from Kgamakulta.

We have a light breakfast and go out to look for the tracks and signs that will lead us to the African giants. After a 2-hour ride, we return to the camp and enjoy a delicious brunch. Now is time to relax. We can choose to dive into the river, read a book under the shadow of a tree, or rest in the hammocks. Whatever we choose, we are recovering our energies to go out again after tea, at 4 pm. The evening ride will lead us to the lookout from where we will be able to appreciate a landscape worth remembering. Back in the camp, we are welcomed with a traditional South African braai and a glass of wine, ideal to complete this scene.

Day 5. Riding along sandy lands.

After having breakfast at 6 am, we ride west through sandy lands that allow us to speed up. To the east, we find the Ingwe valley, where we will be able to watch some of the most coveted animals amid tall grasses, and beyond that, a lake where we might be able to spot hippos. The word "might" is key here: nothing in nature is for granted; after all, where is the fun in being sure about everything that lies ahead? The only sure thing about South Africa is that it is a remarkable experience. This is the last night that we spend on the tent; we will then be taken to the shelter.

Day 6. A journey and a picnic day at Yellow Wood.

We will have breakfast and travel to Yellow Wood, where, after we enjoy a horseback ride of 2 hours, we will get our reward: a beautiful natural pool with a fantastic view. We will have brunch and go around open meadows with our horses until we reach the Ravineside Lodge. There, we are welcomed with dinner and drinks.

Day 7. Stony grounds and bathing with horses.

We will have breakfast at 6:30 am and, then, go out with our horses. We will embark on a tour that includes stony grounds and going through a dam with our horses who will get into the water with us. After two hours on our saddles, we return to the lodge for brunch. We will have a few hours to relax, with a chance to use the spa (service not included in the price). We will then go for a ride with our horses towards the Hanglip lookout and we will ride along open spaces where we will be able to watch the fauna in all its splendor. We return to the lodge via Tswsene. We will have dinner there and get ready to go to the low escarpment the next day.

Day 8. Farewell.

We will have breakfast at 6.30 am while our luggage is packed. We will ride our horses for an hour and a half as a way to say goodbye to them, as we reach the low escarpment and exit the reserve. We will reach there approximately at noon. Africa is saying goodbye to us, but it will remain in our cameras and, above all, our minds. You will have the chance to take a shower before heading to the airport



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