Beach, rocks and rivers at the border of Africa


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A combination of adventure and relaxation.

Wild Coast, at the border of Africa, is a landscape known for its beaches, rivers, valleys and rocks, for the vicissitudes of the weather and the tide, and also por the kindness of its inhabitants. Those who ride along their lands feel the exact balance between the adventure and pleasure -and the hidden certainty that the latter is the reward of the former.


South Africa


8 Days / 7 Nights


January - December


Part Arabs, Anglo Arabs, Thoroughbreds, Percheron crosses & South African Boerperd.

The Riding

2 – 6 hours per day

Package specifications

Travel cancellation insurance

Breakfast and dinner included

Health care included

Services NOT included

Lunch not included in the package

Baggage protection insurance

Day by day

Day 1. Welcome.

We land in East London and get transported to Kei Mouth. After the ride, we head to the beach to get acquainted with the area and our partner, without whom our journey would not be the same. We have dinner in the guest house in Kei Mouth.

Day 2. The ride journey begins.

We get to the stables and ride our horses down the river until we get to the ferry, which will take us around the long stretches of the beach. We discover cascades, hidden for tourists, therefore, we will be able to enjoy them all alone, and we take a bath there. We then head to one of the two hotels, both superb: Trennerys or Seagulls. Both are settled by the beach, both offer services that provide comfort and relaxation, which builds the other face of South Africa, a face that is complemented with intense ride and no break to respire.

Day 3. 40 km on a horse by the beach, hills and sand.

This is what you might be feeling: waking up to the sounds of the sea, that lonely sensation for knowing that we are somewhere at the border of Africa, between the land and the sea, between civilization and ancient nature. Today we are up for a 40 km ride by the beach, hills, sand mounds and farmlands. After lunch, we will encounter a series of wide and extensive beaches in which we will be able to freely gallop in the immensity and feel part of it. We stay at the Mazzepa Bay, where we relax our muscles and ease our spirit to continue with the journey.

Day 4. The Gorge: cavalcade and relaxation in equal amounts.

The next stage is “The Gorge”, for which we go through a route composed by cliffs and tough lands, rivers, valleys and, finally, back to the sea. We reach Kob Inn, an ideal place located between the rocks to relax and ponder the beach. The intensity of the day is compensated: during the morning we ride, during the afternoon, we rest and enjoy the view in a contemplative state.

Day 5. Day of sheer cavalcade.

We ride 20 km along the coast of protected beaches, secret inlets and beautiful lakes. The conditions of the land vary according to different factors, the tide and the weather being part of them. We pick a good spot to have a picnic and swim in the lake. We then get back to the hotel where we will enjoy some drinks during the afternoon and then have lunch.

Day 6. Another call at the border of Africa.

On the coast once again. We hear the call at the border of Africa once again, on the limit of the land, at the beginning of the sea. Again, rivers, valleys and beaches will depend on the weather and the tide, all along the way to Wavecrest hotel. We cavalcade around 30 km and, in the afternoon, we can choose between giving ourselves in to relaxing or exploring mangroves on a canoe. In any case, we spend the night in Wavecrest.

Day 7. Making our way through on the beach.

We return to Kei in the best way: riding horses. We make our way through the beach, at the mercy of whimsical tides and weather changes, two factors that make our journey unpredictable and yet stronger. We have lunch while our horses rest and we return to Kei Mouth, where we find the hotel which beds embrace us one more time.

Day 8. Farewell.

Everybody acknowledges that farewells are sad. That saying goodbye makes as yearn. Nevertheless, we cannot help it and take a last farewell ride in the morning, before returning to the airport.



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