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The highest mountain in Africa watching over us

All aspects of this adventure are covered: it includes cavalcades in Kenya, by the edge of swamps, crossing lakes, being near elephants and giraffes in their natural environment, and meeting with native tribes. The famous mountain, at sight at all times, will watch over us as a natural God, as a reminder of our human state.




9 Days / 8 Nights


Private tours on request dates


Thoroughbred and Thoroughbred Cross

The Riding

4 – 7 hours per day

Package specifications

Travel cancellation insurance

Breakfast and dinner included

Health care included

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Lunch not included in the package

Baggage protection insurance

Day by Day

Day 1. First camp.

We will get you in the International Airport of Nairobi and head to the first camp, in Lalahroi -which means buffaloes swamp- near Namanga. We stop in the way to have a picnic. There may be time to ride our horses when the sun sets.

Day 2. Amboseli: watching giraffes and gazelles.

Submerged in the adventure, we start our journey towards Amboseli, a park famous worldwide for its fauna and impressive sight of the Kilimanjaro -a mountain located on the other side of the border, in Tanzania. During our horse ride we may see giraffes, gazelles, zebras, impalas, antelopes, Thompson gazelles. The plain area is characterized for having big granite rocks, which natives call kopje. We will stop and have something to eat while sitting on one of these big rocks as we contemplate the Amboseli park from atop.

Day 3. Thorough freedom.

From this base, we will be able to ride our horses or drive in any direction: nature surrounds us, it is all up to us. We will be able to explore unforgettable sights from Amboseli and surrounding areas. We will find buffaloes and elephant herds, resting in a majestic way in the swamps, or wandering through the desert. We will touch base in Soit Nado. The Kilimanjaro is watching over us at all times from the other side of the border, in Tanzania.

Day 4. Chasing the tracks of the Kilimanjaro.

During the morning, we will be able to cross the border to Tanzania to follow the tracks of the Kilimanjaro. All along the day, we will go on safari on our Land Rover and, whether on the pickup or on our horses, if you are seeking exciting experiences, we will be able to closely appreciate elephants, whose enormous size and pacific behaviour, are part of the Amboseli ecosystem.

Day 5. A risk worth taking.

We leave Soti Nado and cross through the middle of the national park. This means that on our horses, we go through the fauna, border the swamps, cross along the beads of the lake to avoid any anteater traps. This is a risk worth taking. Before reaching the plains between Amboseli and the Chyulu hills, we stop to have lunch and rest for a while. We will need the energy since there are 16 km left to go until we reach the camp in Risa, where we will touch base for the night.

Day 6. Volcanic Camp.

The Chyulu hills is a mountain range that conform a volcanic camp of more than 7 thousand feet above the plain level. We are heading that way. We will camp at the foot of the hills, between exotic trees and craters, which as the sun sets create a landscape worth engraving in our memory forever.

Days 7 and 8. Looking for indigenous residents.

We will spend both days in the Millennium camp, where we will take long walks and go in the search of indigenous tribes that live in the volcanic area. We will definitely have time to ride our horses: among volcanic ashes and craters we can unleash our horses, defy them, and be defied by them. We can see the snowed picks of the Kilimanjaro from every angle, this famous mountain that watch over us like a natural God, as a reminder of our humanity all along our journey.

Day 9. Farewell to our horses, the Kilimanjaro and the adventure experienced.

We have our last horse ride at the morning, before breakfast. Then, we travel to OI Donyo Waus to connect with our flight to Nairobi.



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