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Do I need Riding Experience?

Yes. Guests who wish to join our rides must be of an intermediate-to-experienced level of riding. There will be long days in the saddle (4-7 hours daily) and you will need to feel confident about keeping up with the group, capable of riding at all paces, rising to the trot, and controlling your horse at the canter. Please read our Riding Policy.

Do I need insurance?

Yes. Comprehensive medical insurance is required to ride with us. Travel insurance is recommended. Please read our Insurance Policy.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes and No. Most of our rides have a 90kg rider weight limit for client safety and to maintain the health of our horses. If you weight more than the limit, a supplement is levied for a second horse. We also consider height, athleticism, experience to select the size/type of horses we can provide.

Do you have a maximum group size?

We like to keep the group to a rough maximum of 8 guest riders. We think this is the maximum group size to manage effectively ensuring safety and enjoyment. But in some rides, there is no limit. We can arrange the tour for big groups either.

What do the rides include?

Most of our rides include accommodation, meals, drinks, internal transportation, guides, ride, gear, laundry and park fees. You won’t need to take much extra cash with you to pay for extra services. International flights to get to the destination, insurance, personal expenses, gifts and tips are NOT include.

When to come?

Since we offer rides all along Africa, the weather and ecosystem could varied depending on which ride you choose. Please ask Africa Horse Tours for the better time to come for each ride.

What to Bring?

Each ecosystem has its particularity. It is very different if you choose to cross the longest deserts in Africa, or go through the most dangerous savannas. In general, we always recommend bringing:
- 3 comfortable t-shirts for the afternoon / evening
- 3 Shirts with long sleeves and neutral color to ride during the day
- 2 long pants to ride during the day
- 2 comfortable pants for the evening / night
- 1 Short
- 1 Swimsuit
- 2 Jumpers or hoodies
- 1 Lightweight waterproof/windbreaker jacket
- Socks
- Underwear
- Riding boots
- Comfortable shoes for in camp
- Riding helmet (in case it is not provided or you want to bring yours)
- Light shade hat (is better if it covers your ears)
- Repellent
- Sunscreen
- Sunglasses
- Lip protector
- Toothpaste
- Toothbrush
- Binoculars
- Head Torch
- Photo / Video camera
- Travel documentation

How to get there?

We are going to help you on how is the best way to reach each destination. Don’t worry about it. Our value proposal it’s to make your dream real!

What documentation needed for each country?

We are going to advise you on what documentation you need for each country. Do not worry!

How can I book a ride?

We only accept wire transfers and deposits. We will provide you the account number and details to transfer from any part of the world. Don’t worry about the process, we know it is tough (we have personally went through this process), so we are going to help you to make it easier. Please read our Payment Policy.

Do I need to take cash with me? which currency?

Yes. You must take cash with you but, in most of our rides, you will only need to cover your personal expenses, gifts, and tips (which estimated to be U$D 20 per day per person). The tip is not mandatory, that’s why we do not included in the total price. But we encourage to calculated in your travel expense since is the way we help the ecosystem. We will explain you the currency needed in each destination and how you can change money for the local currency.


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