The best countries to go on a Horseback Safari

Matias Carrillat

04 June 2020

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For those who like adventures on a horse, we present possible experiences to be lived in the most ancient continent in the world.

How to choose the best Country for a Horse Safari?

There are only few destinies that remain uncaptured by the camera lenses of the most incorrigible travelers. Everything seems to be a deja vú, we have already seen it virtually. Today, only a few couple of destinies can still surprise us and show us the inexplicable, the genuine. Fortunately, there are still some experiences that exceed photographic memories. events in which a trip is worth a thousand images.


Africa is, by far, one of those adventures you cannot speak of unless you have experienced it. Its history, its cultural diversity, its astonishing fauna, and its vast geography make Africa the ideal place to embark on an odyssey, an adventure that will change you forever – and what would be better than adding an adrenaline rush by galloping into Africa’s vast landscapes to complete this marvelous experience?


Going around Africa on a horse safari is the best way, not to say the only one, to get to know the natural treasures that await for us in this continent. The constant move, the camping life and the amazement we feel on every step of the way guarantees us an extraordinary and unpredictable experience. Isn’t it constant movement the necessary factor for surprise and advent of the unexpected? 


Yet, not everything is about the journey and the challenges to be encountered. Throughout the way, we can also find moments to relax and connect with the surroundings. There are options for every preference. Therefore, the chosen place will depend on the experiences you opt for. Following we will describe, in a panoramic way, the possibilities that a horse safari have to offer in different places of the continent and provide you with the best excuses to stop postponing this unique experience.

Erstwhile travelers - Limpopo, Namibia and Egypt

When we talk about history, it is inevitable to go back to the untraceable origins of civilization, and even more: the world. If you are looking for an experience that can transport you to another place and time, Limpopo and Namibia are the ideal destinies to visit. 


On the one hand, Limpopo is an African province which river limits with the border of Botswana and Zimbabwe. Known as the most ancient area in Africa, this plain at the North of South Africa provides an experience that hits you in your core. In this place, we will share bonfires that light our early breakfasts and late night dinners, camps amid dense nature, and visits to archeological and paleontological sites of great interest. The journey also includes the chance of reaching legendary sites in which the most ancient tribes used to gather, with the possibility of getting in contact with local natives that still live in some areas. 


On the other hand, Namibia, located at the Southeast of the continent, provides us with the most ancient desert to embark on a horse safari towards its beginning. Passing through a place where 65 million years ago was inhabited by dinosaurs cannot but awake that feeling of smallness and vitality as we face the eternity in space. Apart from its infinite and red sand dunes, we will have the opportunity to visit the mysterious Twyfelfontein. Declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO, this is a place surrounded by rocks on which our ancestors imprinted paintings and representations. African art is full of tradition, using an artistic language that seems to come from our origins. We cannot but expect this contact to lead us to an excursion into our soul. 


Finally, on the opposite way, we find Egypt, on the African Northeast. Although this country is famous for its historic pyramids -which have been identified as one of the seven wonders of the world- the wonders does not end up here. Egypt is not only fascinating for its monuments, but also for the life led by those who still inhabit this land. Its history and culture remain within local families, in every alley, and small sites that still have big imprints of this culture. In the same way, peace and mysticism will end when we ride our horses on their intimate deserts, at the shores of the Nile River. 


Without a doubt, any of these options assure us an experience in which we explore a prehistoric captivating past, full of anecdotes and strong emotions.

The visitors - Kenya and Tanzania

As regards fauna, there is no place in Africa that won’t mesmerize you with its biodiversity. Nevertheless, if your goals are the sighting of wild animals and the interaction with countless other species, Kenya and Tanzania are your best bets. 


Kenya is possibly one of our most known destinies, being the best option if this is your first horse safari. Here, the sighting of the Big Five is guaranteed: lions, leopards, buffaloes, elephants and rhinos. Additionally, you will enjoy the best sights of the Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain of the continent.


Tanzania boasts for being the country in which you can discover the greatest majority of animals, including the Big Five. Cavalcades through Tanzania offer limitless opportunities, not only to watch but also to live in the wildest areas of the territory. This especially happens in places such as Ngorongoro, where we can find animals within a 20 km radio, and Serengeti, a plain in which we can be mesmerized by beautiful sunsets. 


In both cases, we will be getting into the wild, being the visitors in the land, even if, for some moments, we may feel as part of this heterogeneous spectacle.

A map full of uneven lands - Mozambique and Botswana

As already mentioned, we will be able to find desert landscapes, such as Namibia and Egypt. However, if your goal is to immerse yourselves into a green savannah or dense jungle, the best options will be Mozambique or Botswana


The challenges offered by Mozambique are both intense and beautiful. A journey in which you will gallop throughout a whole array of territories: next to the shores of the Indic ocean, over the warm sands of the dunes, through the infinity of the desert, amid vegetation, and to every corner of remote towns. A journey that will leave no territory uncovered. 


For those who are willing to bet higher, Botswana promises wide range adventures -you might even say that these adventures require some kind of expertise. This adventure is recommended for those who have already experienced horse safaris and may be looking for exclusive encounters. This destiny offers the best natural resources and provides a quieter and lonelier atmosphere, given that circulation of tourists and inhabitants is low. Although this adventure requires higher levels of skills -you will need to be ready to gallop, row, wander-, we can assure you it is an unforgettable experience. In fact, this adventure includes visiting the Okavango Delta, one of the most amazing natural treasures of the world.

The best season

Last but not least, a very important detail to bear in mind when planning these kinds of trips is the date -of course, it will all depend on the kind of experience you are looking for. 


The weather in Africa is mostly warm and sunny for most part of the year.  However, some countries are more likely to experience unexpected changes in weather or discontinuous storms. The secret is to know how to distinguish between the dry and fluvial seasons of each region, according to the adventure you aim to embark on. You should take into account that the climate will not only affect the quality of the days we will experience, but also the landscapes that we will visit and the animals that we will find, given that these will migrate to different regions depending on the season. 


For example, the best season to go on a horse safari in South Africa is from May to August, while October and November are the most convenient months to travel to Tanzania. In turn, the best season to travel to Kenya is between May and September.

Notwithstanding these recommendations, the best time to travel to Africa and venture on a horse safari is always now. If you take into account these indications and plan the date, there is no reason to miss the chance to live an adventure, as challenging and appealing as this one. Faced with the artificial reality in which the present immerses us, why not escaping into a more natural environment that can connect us to our roots? As Hemingway said: “I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy”. Unhappiness will only come if you don’t try it.

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